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Tyler's Story

posted Nov 26, 2013, 11:41 AM by Michael Craddock   [ updated Nov 26, 2013, 11:41 AM ]

My HOSA Story I remember sitting in class and learning about what seemed to be a good organization. I sat there thinking "Man, this would be great for me. HOSA can impact me in the best possible way." I continued to learn about the HOSA motto, the national service project, how many national members, the HOSA emblem and other various things HOSA related. Within a matter of minuets I fell in love with HOSA. Even though at first I was reluctant to join, I eventually decided I would become involved. My parents even became enthusiastic about me being involved. It was a great choice on my behalf but without my advisor going in depth of all positive aspects, I would never have became a member of such a thriving organization.

As soon as I found out about SLC, I immediately wanted to take part in an event. Finding what event I wanted to do was tough, but a friend and I finally chose to do CPR/first aid. My friend and I would stay after school practicing for SLC for about an hour or maybe even longer. HOSA gave me a chance to hone my CPR/first aid skills but also gave me chances to build lasting friendships. People who attend the same school as me who I thought I would never even talk to, I started talking to because of HOSA Not only friendships with my peers, but even friendships with advisors. The people involved with HOSA are some of the best people I have had the pleasure to ever meet.

One of my first great experiences while being part of HOSA was going to SLC. I was blown away by my time at SLC. Meeting new people, participating in my event, going to workshops, I loved it. It even inspired me to apply for region VI Vice President. I realized then that HOSA is for me. HOSA can give me the skills to succeed every day and opportunities that will allow me to become a better person. I also found out that HOSA can provide me with endless leadership opportunities. Not only did SLC inspire me, but NLC inspired me and will be an experience I will always remember. NLC was truly AMAZING! People from 48 states and Puerto Rico participating in more than 50 events, what a great thing. Being around so many positive people who believe in healthcare professions was an amazing feeling. After having the chance to listen to Dr. Ben Carson speak at NLC was both amazing and inspiring. Because of the opportunities it has given me, I think about HOSA every day, and I'm proud to say that I am a member of this organization.

HOSA has provided me numerous life skills that have built a better me. I cannot think of any other organization that can provide as many life skills to someone all while trying to build future health professionals. Although I do not plan to become a doctor or maybe not a nurse, I know that because of the skills HOSA has given me, I will succeed at anything I choose no matter what. My intentions are to become an officer in the Marine Corps, and since I've been part of HOSA, that goal seems more and more possible as each day goes by. HOSA has put myself on the road to success and it will continue to put thousands of students on the road to success in the years to come. I consider HOSA as one of the best decisions I've ever made.