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Paige's Story

posted Nov 26, 2013, 11:38 AM by Michael Craddock   [ updated Nov 26, 2013, 11:39 AM ]

When I started high school I did not know anything about HOSA or even know that HOSA was a thing. As I finished up my freshman year and began my sophomore year I started to learn about HOSA. I was taking a health and medical sciences class that required you to participate in HOSA for a class grade. I quickly learned that this would not be something that I could do the minimum and still get credit. I was going to have to put in the hours to get the credit and grade I wanted.

At first this was very bad and not fun at all, but it got better. This made me get involved with my peers that were just like me and also wanted to be a health care professional. I looked at HOSA as something I had to do, but I quickly learned as I met more people that I wanted to be in HOSA. So as I came to the end of my sophomore year I began to volunteer to for my HOSA chapter's events just for fun.

I also attended HOSA's State Leadership Conference and got second place. That summer I went to Orlando, Florida to attend the National Leadership Conference. The conferences really introduced me to some amazing people and allowed me to meet students from different states. HOSA made me want to be a better person and become a better student. It also made me realize that I needed to strive to make good grades in school to become a health professional.

This was only the beginning of everything HOSA would teach me. In my junior year I gained leadership skills through HOSA by becoming my HOSA chapter's secretary. This allowed me to become involved in planning my chapter's events and leading my chapter. HOSA gave me many great opportunities while being a learning experience for me.

As my leadership skills got better I became more confident in doing things with HOSA. I began to lead chapter events and introduce myself to others that I did not know. I was able to use my new found confidence at the state and national leadership conferences I attended again as a junior. I also decided to use my new leadership skills to run for the executive council for Virginia HOSA. At State Leadership Conference it was announced that I would be the Region III Vice President for the 2013-2014 year. This was a huge accomplishment for me and I knew it would not have been possible without HOSA. I knew that all my hard work had paid off and that I was going to have a great opportunity to use the leadership skills HOSA had taught me. HOSA has done nothing but great things for me and for my career. I believe that HOSA will continue to do great things for me.